Diversified Energy Company (DEC) recognizes the benefits of good governance. The Company has adopted the UK Governance Code, as issued by the Financial Reporting Council in July of 2018. The Code identifies a number of principles considered fundamental to good governance for companies and we seek to apply this code throughout our company in a meaningful way. We are acutely aware of the need to effectively and thoroughly integrate wholly a reporting and governance framework throughout our rapidly expanding group. We find ourselves in the front line of balancing the three fundamental elements of good governance, namely to deliver business growth, build trust, and maintain a dynamic management framework.

We understand the importance of good and effective communication and we remain in close contact with our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Right and Ethical Business Conduct

Our Company Values forms the underlying basis on which our company was founded and sets the standard for professional conduct to which each Director, officer and employee is expected to adhere.

We are committed to adhering to our principals of business conduct and have developed additional compliance standards and policies to ensure that we foster a proper operating environment that encourages ethical business practices.