Our Strategy

Our differentiated strategy as a producer is primarily to acquire and manage existing natural gas and oil properties and to leverage our associated midstream assets and operating scale to generate cash flows and maximize shareholder returns, namely through:

  • Optimization of long-life, low-decline assets to enhance margins and improve cash flow
  • Generate consistent shareholder returns through vertical integration, strategic hedging and cost optimization
  • Disciplined growth through accretive acquisitions of producing assets Maintain a strong balance sheet with ability to opportunistically access capital markets
  • Operate assets in a safe, efficient manner with what we believe are industry-leading ESG initiatives

Our business model and the corporate culture we cultivate is unique among the natural gas and oil industry in that we do not engage in capital-intensive drilling and development. Rather, our stewardship model focuses on acquiring existing long-life, low-decline producing wells and, at times, their associated midstream assets, and then efficiently managing the assets to improve or restore production, reduce unit operating costs, reduce emissions and generate consistent Free Cash Flow before safely and permanently retiring those assets at the end of their useful lives.

The Importance of Natural Gas

Both U.S. and global economies rely on natural gas as a primary energy source. We believe it is imperative that natural gas wells and pipelines be operated by responsible owners with a strong commitment to the environment, and our operational track record demonstrates that responsibility and stewardship. Given our operational focus on efficient, environmentally sound natural gas production, we are ideally positioned to help serve current energy demands and play a key role in the clean energy transition.

To learn more about the important role of Natural Gas in global energy supply, please visit Sustainable Operations.