Our Company Values

Our Company Values forms the foundation upon which our company was started and the standards to which each Director, officer and employee of DGO is expected to adhere. As a company, we will conduct our business and deliver value to our stakeholders based upon ethical standards and beliefs that:

  • Value the dignity and worth of all individuals
  • Act with personal and business integrity
  • Commit to excellence in our performance
  • Respect environmental stewardship as we make business decisions
  • Exhibit courage of convictions, challenge the status quo and strive to create value
  • Seek opportunities for learning and improvement
  • Serve and support our teams and communities with passion and enthusiasm

Our Operating Guidelines

With our Company Values as a foundation, we further challenge our employees to make the following operating guidelines a priority in their daily work:

Safety: No Compromises
Ensuring the care and wellbeing of our employees, our familiar and our communities is our top priority

Production: Every Unit Counts
Ensuring every unit we produce provides affordable, reliable energy to our communities and generates value for our shareholders

Efficiency: Every Dollar Counts
Ensuring every dollar we spend protects our employees, our communities and the investment of our shareholders

Enjoyment: Have Fun Delivering Great Results
Ensuring our company is a great place to work encourages innovation and celebrates our employees' accomplishments