Upstream Operations

Diversified’s differentiated business model, to acquire and optimize existing assets, positions the Company to thrive in the evolving energy transition and to deploy solutions to industry challenges. The Company’s unique portfolio consists of stable, low-decline production of primarily natural gas from mid-life assets within Appalachia and Diversified’s Central Region. Diversified’s strategy delivers sustainable stakeholder returns as the result of our emphasis on enhancing production, extending well life and reducing or eliminating unintended emissions.

Smarter Asset Management

Ever since our beginnings as a company, Diversified has focused extensively on the efficient production and flow from our wells and synergistic midstream assets. The result of our consistent operating efforts and environmental focus is manifested in improved production, lower declines, decreased operating costs, improved asset integrity and higher free cash flow generation.

Diversified see’s its Smarter Asset Management philosophy as simply good business: wise stewardship of existing assets and highly aligned with our goals to have a positive environmental and social impact. We recognize that no single improvement to an upstream well or midstream pipeline is too small to matter because small daily improvements across our entire portfolio can lead to significant cumulative gains and added value for our company, our stakeholders and the environment.

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Emissions Detection and Reduction Initiatives

Asset integrity is a keen focus for Diversified and our commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and the economic potential of our natural resources. Our asset integrity focus, supported by both our first daily priority of ‘Safety-No Compromises’ and our Company Value of ‘Respecting Environmental Stewardship’, includes identifying, repairing and eliminating fugitive emissions - actions which have always been a part of our Smarter Asset Management operating philosophy.

Diversified is committed to achieving net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 2040 based on a multi-tiered approach relying on internal investments, external partnerships, incorporating GHG screening into our acquisitions process and meeting or exceeding regulatory and reporting requirements.

During 2021, Diversified took significant proactive steps to expand our capabilities to detect and remediate unintended emissions by increasing our handheld and remote methane leak detection (“RMLD”) capabilities, as well as initiating our strategic partnership with Bridger Photonics to conduct advanced Light Detection and Ranging (“LiDAR”) aerial emissions surveys.

To learn more about our sustainability goals and environmental efforts, please visit Sustainability or click the icon below to access our latest Sustainability Report, published for the 2022 operating year.