Smarter Asset Management

We recognize that it can be difficult for natural gas and oil companies to dedicate time and resources to manage the costly development of wells while simultaneously optimizing their performance over time. Therefore, we built Diversified to focus exclusively on the efficient production and flow from our wells and  midstream assets. The result of our consistent operating efforts and environmental focus is manifested in improved production, lower operating costs, improved asset integrity and higher free cash flow generation.

The Development of Smarter Asset Management (SAM)

Because of our production-centric business model, we focus on increasing the productivity of our wells, whether conventional or unconventional, and our midstream assets while simultaneously improving their safety, reducing their environmental footprint and lowering the unit operating costs of our portfolio. By focusing on our four daily guiding operational principles and actively managing our assets with best practice, innovation and investment, we reduce the need for new natural gas and oil wells while creating significant value for all our stakeholders by efficiently managing the resource our industry has already developed. We refer to this collective process as our “Smarter Asset Management” (SAM) program.

Our emphasis on SAM is a daily focus in our operations, and we believe that it is one of our core differentiators in comparison to other producers, both in Appalachia and in other producing regions. The foundation of our SAM program is each of our four operational principles:

Smarter Asset Management in Practice

Because many of the assets we acquire were non-core to the seller’s portfolios, these assets often provide Diversified with a variety of SAM optimization opportunities to improve or restore production from the wells via low-cost techniques. Our large and diverse portfolio of assets affords us thousands of opportunities to deploy these techniques – techniques that have a proven track record of maintaining consistent production across our wells. SAM activities can generate favorable environmental impacts in a number of manners, including:

Lowering unchecked emissions and improving safety through continuous financial and manpower investment in the mechanical integrity of our operational equipment.

Eliminating unchecked methane emissions via proactive pipeline surveillance.

Reducing miles driven by our field operations team due to our geographic scale and well density.

Reducing water disposal costs with innovative mater management practices.

 Reducing well visits and miles driven by installing monitoring and measurement equipment.

Lowering emissions by reducing inefficient operational compression due to scale and synergistic opportunities.

For more information on our Smarter Asset Management program, please visit our Sustainability Report