We recognize the importance of having a positive social impact, especially as many of the communities in which we operate are often rural areas with limited employment opportunities. As one of the largest natural gas and oil employers in our areas of operations, we pay competitive and higher than average salaries to our employees while also offering comprehensive healthcare benefits that can significantly improve the quality of life for both our employees and their families.

We have a dynamic culture at Diversified Energy Company. There is a genuine, top-down interest in employee well-being across the organisation, and the leadership team is committed to meeting employees in the field or the office to better understand their concerns and priorities. The passion and energy of our leaders enables efficient decision making, creating an energising culture. Our employees take pride in the work that they do, feeling ownership of and responsibility for the assets, and our leadership team recognises and rewards this work ethic.

If you have an interest in joining the Diversified team, please visit our Careers page for current opportunities.

Read more about our commitment to Diversified's employees within our latest Sustainability Report.