We take very seriously our commitment to managing the environmental impact of our business and manage our operations accordingly. We take precautions to protect the surrounding natural resources and environments and to prevent incidents. Our stakeholders expect us to protect these resources, and we set high standards of ourselves to achieve, and even to exceed, these expectations to the best of our ability.

We focus on reducing risks, maintaining compliance and seeking best practices and continuous improvement in all our operational processes. Our company has grown quickly through acquisitions, with each acquisition bringing its own set of environmental policies and practices to review and assimilate into DGO’s own environmental management program.

With a portfolio consisting of thousands of wells across multiple states, EHS management remains a top priority as we demonstrate our commitment to be a good corporate citizen within the communities in which we live and operate. We frequently review our portfolio of low-decline, mature, producing wells for projects suitable for our internally developed Smarter Asset Management program (“SAM”). This program is a central component of our overall investment case and business strategy and reflects our belief that operational focus with a commitment to environmental stewardship is good business. To learn more, please visit our Smarter Asset Management page.

Our operations and production teams are highly proficient in returning wells to production and maximizing their potential in order to sustain the asset and bring additional value to royalty owners, local governments and investors. By returning idle wells to a producing state, we are not only increasing value to our shareholders in the form of additional revenue, but also reducing the risk of uncaptured emissions, providing improved safety of the well, generating more tax dollars for the state and local governments, and generating royalty dollars for mineral owners. This aspect of our SWM program is truly a “win-win” situation for all stakeholders.

For more information on DGO's environmental considerations, please refer to our Sustainability Report.